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Fat people on TV is a rare thing, usually the only time you see fat people on TV is when they need to lose weight like on the Biggest Loser or  occasionally on COPS. Enter the show Mike & Molly. When my wife I heard that there was a sitcom about fat people we reached for the remote, heated up our nachos and sat down to watch.  The show is funny. It’s like the show was made after me and my wife… except I’m not a cop, we’re already married and we would never step into overeater’s anonymous. Really who does that?

It’s 30 minutes of fat jokes, by fat people, for fat people. It’s good stuff. Not to play spoiler, but these characters met during the first episode and we follow the progression as their relationship develops. They have reached the point of intimacy. This is when the show was noticed by the media. The media does not like fat people.

If you haven’t read it. This charming blogger wrote an ignorant rant for Marie Claire. This received a lot of attention from folks. In a nut shell she spoke about how seeing two obese people kissing each other grossed her out. As an obese person… I get that. This is why my wife and I don’t video tape ourselves having sex…that and many other reasons.

So the media and people on the internet went after this person with pitchforks, torches, and probably a few smore’s. Not long after that, there was an apology saying they didn’t mean to upset fat people. What the hell? Stand by your thoughts! If you think fat people are gross, don’t say it and then say… oh I’m sorry nevermind you’re great! My bad! Because that’s bologna… mmmm bologna. Have your opinion and stay with it. There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t like watching fat people kiss. I don’t like watching ultimate fighting, nature shows, or Judge Judy. Rather than tell everyone that every time I see Judge Judy I want to vomit, I simply DON’T WATCH THE SHOW. That’s just one of the great things about remote controls.

Again this blogger was ignorant. She stated that simply watching obese people walking makes her sick. If fat people make her sick, that’s too bad. There’s a lot of fat people. Deal with it. Stay away from McDonald’s, Wal Mart, and State Fairs, which incidentally are three of my favorite places. She also said that fat people are all unhappy. Where do you think the phrase “Fat and Happy” came from? Fat people are hilarious! If you find a fat person who is not hilarious, they will be once they realize that they can be. Self deprecating humor is great, and fat jokes give belly laughs.

I have no problems with ignorant bloggers, but more of ones who waffle….mmmmm waffles.

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